Episode #3<br>Doug Aitken

of Molteni

Episode #3
Doug Aitken

Doug Aitken, contemporary artist, is the protagonist of the third chapter of the #HouseOfMolteni project, set in Los Angeles, presented through an exclusive interview to the photographer Olivier Zahm.



Floating Cube | 10 years 10 artists 10 works

The Quadreria Contemporanea (Contemporary Picture Gallery) of Molteni&C showcased with a new display concept by Ron Gilad and curated by Cristiana Colli.

Amata bellezza. Flowers and Visions: Photographs

Amata bellezza. Flowers and Visions: Photographs

A key, very reserved figure in the world of Italian photography, Mario Carrieri gathers the results of years of work in the cycle of images in this exhibition at the Triennale of Milan.