2017.06.20    -    EPISODE #1

Massimo Giorgetti

Milan | MSGM Founder, CEO and Creative Director


The first #HouseOfMolteni story focuses on the city of Milan, home of international design, and on Massimo Giorgetti -Founder, CEO and Creative Director of MSGM- as its main actor.



Massimo Giorgetti

Milan | MSGM Founder, CEO and Creative Director

The first #HouseOfMolteni story focuses on the city of Milan, home of international design, and on Massimo Giorgetti -Founder, CEO and Creative Director of MSGM- as its main actor.

1 | What does your house represent to you?

Well, I am my house. It’s my private life, it’s what I feel and what I experience, it’s also part of my aesthetic vision beyond clothes, bags and shoes.

My house is a dream come true, it’s an achievement, it’s the result of sacrifice, of many difficult moments, and it’s also the result of how determined and stubborn I’ve been since I was a kid

2 | Who chose the furniture?

The basics where a joint effort with the architect Massimiliano Locatelli who was one of my masters. When I started this house I still didn’t know many things, many designer pieces. And afterwards, once the basics were done and the house was finished, I chose the finishing touches and the colours. I must say I really had fun, my passion for colours is represented in this house, there’s violet with lemon yellow, powder pink with coffee, shocking rose pink with orange, but there’s also the black floor which resets everything.

3 | Any works of art at home?

I actually prefer spending money at home, but more than spending I prefer to say investing because when you get a designer piece, a work of art, you are not spending money, you are investing in a beautiful object. I like referring to it as beauty more than as works of art. The Boetti was a recent dream that came true. The meaning of Boetti’s tapestry is beautiful, basically if you read it says “for new desires”.

I love to have an element of surprise with my styling – whether it’s an amazing flower arrangement or putting a sculpture on a pedestal to make it look like 10ft high.

4 | Where do you get your best ideas?

4 | Where do you get your best ideas?

Well unfortunately I get my best ideas on Sunday afternoons. I say unfortunately because Sunday afternoon is usually the moment I take some time for myself. It can be at home in winter or at the seaside in the summer, even on holiday. On Sunday afternoon my brain is free from phone calls, emails and I start thinking about everything that happened to me, what I saw, what I red on magazines or books or what I saw on museums. I often can’t resist and even on Sunday night I start sending messages, whatsapps and emails.

5 | Open Space or separate rooms?

I prefer separate rooms because I think open spaces are a bit too chaotic.

6 | Is your house a shelter or a place for sharing?

A house is both. I like to share it because I am generous and I like sharing what I have with friends, colleagues and so on. But sometimes it’s also a shelter. It’s useful in stressful moments, a home must comfort you.

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7 | Design and fashion, similarities and differences.

Design and fashion, I don’t think it’s about similarities, I think they are basically the same thing. The creative process is very similar, decision making is very similar, it’s all about choosing silhouettes, shapes, colours, textures, materials. I believe developing a brand in these fields is also very similar, the kind of vision you have, your aesthetics and how you translate this into a chair, an armchair, a bookshelf, or how you translate it into a dress, a collection of suits, shoes or handbags.

8 | Bath tub or shower?

Shower, absolutely, I don’t have a bath tub at home. I think that nowadays having a bath tub is real luxury.

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9 | Home cooking or restaurant?

I have a great passion for cooking, but honestly I don’t cook a lot. I used to cook a lot before becoming a businessman, before being so busy. Until a few years ago I used to organize full course dinners, with starters, firsts, seconds, desserts and so on. I specialized in what I enjoy most, like pasta for example. I believe that a good plate of pasta with high quality ingredients is kind of a small luxury.

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10 | Where would you like to live?

I must admit that the new Herzog & De Meuron’s Tribeca Tower in Leonard Street, New York, is a dream. I was there in December, right under it, I have been following all the developments in the last years and it really is a dream, living in New York is a dream. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in one of those glass boxes in that area of New York.
At the same time I’m Italian, I like the seaside, I like the Mediterranean and I recently discovered the Abbey of Cervara, it’s a former convent in Portofino. So maybe I’d like to live both experiences.

Massimo Giorgetti

Massimo Giorgetti was born in Rimini in 1977. Fashion was an early passion to him, he first started working for the most important boutiques in Riccione and in show rooms distributing international brands. 2008 was the turning point year and in partnership with Paoloni Group, he starts his own MSGM brand. MSGM and Massimo Giorgetti were celebrated as one of the best revelation of the year 2010 by “Who’s on next” contest sponsored by Vogue Italia.

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