Molteni & C engages in the following activities:

  • production of furniture and furnishings by the mechanical processing of wood, veneering, painting/varnishing/enamelling, assembly and shipping;
  • production of furniture and furnishings with fabric or leather upholstery, packing and shipping;
  • preparation and setting up of prototypes for the contract sector (at the Verano Brianza site).

Hewing to some basic principles aimed at furthering the quality of the environment, the Management establishes that environmental policy represents a priority orientation for the planning of company activities.

Consequently, the Company undertakes:

  • to observe national, regional and local laws of reference in environmental matters;
  • to perform all activities and production processes without overlooking the effects on the environment;
  • to adopt the best available economically accessible technologies in order to prevent/minimize environmental impact, at the same time committing itself to the steady Improvement of the efficiency of the same;
  • to favour preventive action against pollution rather than dealing with it after it has occurred, setting up a programme to manage possible emergencies;
  • to determine and periodically update emergency procedures so as to reduce the effects on the environment caused by accidental emissions of matter or energy;
  • to set up a programme to periodically re-examine the Environmental Management System to ensure the continuity of its fitness, adequacy and effectiveness;
  • to steadily improve the performance of its Environmental Management System (SGA), aiming at the efficiency of the organization, with particular attention:
    • to the utilization of energy resources through the saving, recycling and valorisation of wood waste as a source of energy;
    • to the improvement of the nature of atmospheric emissions through a constant search for covering/lining/upholstery products with less environmental impact;
    • to take care to reduce and to properly manage packing waste;
    • to promoting among the employees and collaborators of every level a sense of responsibility toward the environment, ensuring the same an adequate degree of training concerning the Company‚Äôs environmental concerns;

Molteni & C intends to inform the community about its policy, making it available to anyone who so requests.
The Management undertakes to re-examine periodically the contents of the Policy in order to bring it into line with the evolution of technologies, of legislative regulations and of environmental aspects/impacts singled out.