2019.10.21    -    EPISODE #6

Anna Barnett

London | Food Writer & Cook


Let us introduce you to Anna Barnett, the sixth guest of the digital project #HouseOfMolteni. It has been a pleasure to meet her and have a conversation about her city, house and projects.



Anna Barnett

London | Food Writer & Cook

Let us introduce you to Anna Barnett, the sixth guest of the digital project #HouseOfMolteni. It has been a pleasure to meet her and have a conversation about her city, house and projects.

1 | Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Anna Barnett and I am a food writer and a cook. I live in east London with my husband and dog. My weeks are always varied, I write for the Evening Standard and I have spent the last year and a half contributing recipe content to Grazia magazine. I’ve written two cookery books and have just launched a series of cookery classes. I also collaborate a lot with brands, host events and I’m constantly creating content. We’ve just renovated our east London apartment which is a great location space.

2 | What’s the story behind your house and in what way does it represent you?

When we were looking to buy somewhere, we really wanted to find a space that had a sense of home but also had high ceilings and as much natural light as possible. For me, these are the things that make me feel at ease and content whilst creating a space I can be creative in.
A great kitchen was a must. It’s the hub of the home, the focal point and it’s the place where everyone comes together. We went all out on the kitchen and it was the first part of the apartment we started renovating.

3 | Fashion and food: What do they mean to you? How and when did you find a balance between them?

I think fashion is one of those things that really dictates how you feel on the outside and food is what makes you feel great on the inside. Finding a balance between the two came when I decided to leave my job in fashion and pursue a career in food. It was a real leap and a huge change in lifestyle. The realisation that working in food could be a full time job and something that I could make a career out of was an exciting prospect.

4 | Is there any creative contamination between your way of eating and your style? Which one affects the other?

In terms of creative contamination between food and style, I think the places you travel to, the food you eat, the food you cook, the people you share food with all have an impact. For me travelling and exploring new cultures and their cuisines is the really exciting part. Bringing that back and incorporating it in the way you eat and sharing it with your family and friends is really important. It’s also part of the learning process.

5 | In Italy, food plays a key role in the way we live as it’s able to evoke emotions, feelings and memories. What would you cook for someone you love or for someone you've just met?

Cooking is all about love and soul and being passionate about every meal you prepare. Sharing it with someone is just as important, so cooking for someone that I love or someone that I have just met is the same thing. I live for pasta so I’m certain that would be on the menu.

6 | Do you usually eat in your kitchen or in your living room? What is your favourite spot in the house?

We mix it up. We often eat at the island in the kitchen but we also designed our home to have a large dining area to entertain and when we have guests we will always dine there.

7 | Can you describe a chef’s dream house?

It would certainly have the most amazing kitchen. A large, sociable, open plan kitchen with the most incredible appliances. A space to entertain and share.

8 | How does innovation affect your work?

8 | How does innovation affect your work?

Innovation drives us all to progress and try different things, to experiment and be open to new flavours and combinations. It pushes us forward, forcing us to be brave enough to try new ways of cooking, try new techniques and learn from new culinary experiences we’ve had. It’s all in the experimenting!

9 | How does cosmopolitan culture affect the way you conceive cooking and fashion?

Cosmopolitan culture really brings with it such a huge wealth and breadth of variety. In terms of cooking and food, it’s really exciting and something that has to be embraced and enjoyed.

10 | A significant memory in London that you like to remember?

10 | A significant memory in London that you like to remember?

I struggle to pick only one significant memory. London is where I got married, where I had my 21st birthday and where I bought my first home. All three have played a significant part in my life.

11 | You regularly host pop-up restaurants and cater for private events. Have you ever thought of opening your own restaurant?

Over the years I have thought of it. But luckily enough, I have had so many different and challenging projects come up that I have become accustomed to the variety that this brings with it. But, maybe further down the line, it could happen… who knows!

12 | How would you describe London in one word?


13 | Could you name two places in London where you feel most at ease and connected?

Victoria Park is one of the places I love the most. It’s our local park and offers a huge, open green space which is full of flowers and plants. It is the one place where I always go, where I can be at one with nature despite living in the city. It’s great to have that in such close proximity. We have farmers markets both Saturday and Sunday so quality produce is always in close proximity too.
The second place would probably have to be my local coffee shop. It was recently taken over by a lovely Italian lady and her mother is often there. It is packed out with incredible Italian produce and homemade pastas including fresh lasagne every day. It has a real sense of local community and is the kind of place where you end up speaking with everyone, whether you know them or not!

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