2018.03.20    -    EPISODE #8

Aomi Muyock

Lugano | Actress and model


The eighth #HouseOfMolteni episode focuses on Lugano, Switzerland, and on the actress and model Aomi Muyock as its protagonist.



Aomi Muyock

Lugano | Actress and model

The eighth #HouseOfMolteni episode focuses on Lugano, Switzerland, and on the actress and model Aomi Muyock as its protagonist.

1 | What does your house represent to you?

I have been living in this house for six months and I love it, I did everything: the hole in the wall, paintings, whatever, really everything, and it was super nice for me because I have spent the last seven years around with a suitcase, it was fun. The only object that actually really was with me with all my traveling was probably my passport.
I lived in a boat, in a camper, in friends’ houses, in random people houses. It was super nice but tiring and I love to be alone and to have my own space with all my stuff.

I like collecting objects, I still have a lot of stuff around my friends’ places - “oh sorry I left here a suitcase”. I wish I was less materialistic but I am, so I’m very happy to have a place where I can just feel that I am the boss. If I want to chill, I chill. If I want to have a party, I have a party, If I want to not wash the dishes for a week it’s fine, if I want to paint or whatever I can, it’s nice. It gives me a feeling of independence, freedom.

I lived in a boat, in a camper, in friends’ houses, in random people houses. It was super nice but tiring and I love now to be alone and to have my own space with all my stuff.

2 | Who chose the furniture?

I personally chose some pieces of furniture, I’ve simply found some other in the street, some were offered to me, some other I built by my own.
I paid a lot of attention to lighting: the light of a place changes my mood a lot, so I really care about the atmosphere, I can’t stand white neon.
When I see a building from outside I really can feel its energy. I think I’m a light freak.

3 | Any works of art at home?

3 | Any works of art at home?

I have some pieces of art in my place that I really love. Some are from my family, some from friends and there’s also something that I simply found in the street. One of them is this series of sculptures made by my brother. They have something special, something like archaic, old. Somehow, I see in them something spiritual even if I’m not really spir-itual. I really like them, I never feel alone with them in the house.

I also have this ingenious piece of art made by Gysin & Vanetti. I could stay there for hours and just watch it, it’s made of six letters that keep changing and turning, every word that comes out means something. Once you turn it on, it just keeps changing in a random way, it never repeats the same cycle.

One of the object I care about the most and that is always with me since I was a child is an indian painting done by my father. He made this series of very big paining of Indians, this is the only one in small dimensions, so I can bring it with me.

Somehow, I see in them something spiritual even if I’m not really spiritual. I really like them, I never feel alone with them in the house.

4 | Where do you get your best ideas?

You never know when you get your best ideas. Sometimes when you are busy you have a very good idea, while when you have time to create or do something great, nothing comes. You absorb what surrounds you and when you put attention in something and you just feel like “wow this is nice”, probably you like it because it reminds you of something that you already have inside. I don’t believe in looking for an inspiration, for me there isn’t a special place to look for inspiration. Of course my house, a beautiful place or an exhibition can helpful but it also can be looking in the gar-bage.
No rules, I think there are no rules.

5 | Open Space or separate rooms?

I prefer open spaces, even if you have to share it with another person. However, I like different types of house, for example I like a house that is very small and full of stuff but I at the same time I like almost empty and minimal spaces.
That’s why one half of my house is filled of little objects and the walls are colored in strong col-ours and the other half is white and minimal.

6 | Is your house a shelter or a place for sharing?

It’s both. It started as a shelter because I needed a place where to be alone, but it’s becoming a sharing place now, there are always friends here and as everyone hosted me when I was in other cities, I’m now happy to host them here.

7 | Design and fashion, similarities and differences

There are some similarities between fashion and design, like the research of silhouettes, materials and fabrics. But I feel that design is indented to last longer.
Fashion follows trends, and trends go very fast.

Fashion follows trends, and trends go very fast.

8 | Bath tub or shower?

8 | Bath tub or shower?

I know that it’s not very ecologic but I do prefer to have a bath than a shower. I like to have one in the morning and for sure one at night.

9 | Home cooking or restaurant?

I prefer to eat at home, at my place or at friends’ place. It’s less noisy, you can stay longer and it’s more intimate.
It’s nice to go to a restaurant and choose your favorite plate, however I still prefer to eat at home for sure. I like to cook, but for other people. When I’m alone I usually cook fast plates, I like to cook any type of risotto.

10 | Where would you like to live?

My dream would be living in the Cesar Manrique House Museum in Lanzarote. Lanzarote is a vul-canic island while Manrique is an artist who built his house in the lava, the volcanic stone. It’s a surreal place, the view is incredible.

Products on stage

Lugano city guide

Spazio Morel | Music concert hall
Via Antonio Adamini 4, 6900 Lugano

The Morel space is simply fantastic if you like the underground scene. Great music, great shows, great people. I've been coming to this place for years, I love listening to live music and visiting the hosted art exhibitions.

Agorateca | Movie rental store<br>Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano

Agorateca | Movie rental store
Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano

The Agorateca is one of the last places in Lugano where you can rent DVDs, they also have a space to relax and concentrate on pleasant readings. There is a cafeteria and internet is free. The people who work there are very nice! I like getting lost between DVDs and CDs, here I feel my creativity growing.

Turba | Cultural association
Via Cattedrale 11, 6900 Lugano

Turba makes excellent drinks, the light is very soft and the place itself is particularly magical because it resides in an old house with frescoes and arches in one of the most beautiful streets of Lugano. They also organize cultural events of various kinds and that is why I occasionally come here.

Foce | Theatre<br>Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano

Foce | Theatre
Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano

The Foce is a space born as a theater but hosts cultural events of various kinds: concerts, readings, shows. They also have a nice internal garden, it's nice to be able to go out for a breath of fresh air without having to leave the theatre in the middle of an event. I love going to see indie or rock music bands passing by this famous hall.

Aomi Muyock

Aomi Muyock is an actress, model and painter. Her acting debut is dated 2015 with the film Love.
born and raised in Canton Ticino, she is fluent in Italian, English and French. An artist herself, her mother is a painter, photographer and writer while her father is a sculptor and painter.


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