2018.05.23    -    EPISODE #9

Emily Katz

Portland OR | Artist and designer


The ninth #HouseOfMolteni episode is set in Portland – Oregon, and features Emily Katz, artist and designer, as its main actress.



Emily Katz

Portland OR | Artist and designer

The ninth #HouseOfMolteni episode is set in Portland – Oregon, and features Emily Katz, artist and designer, as its main actress.

1 | What does your house represent to you?

To me a house really means so many different things. It’s a creative place for us to play with design ideas and it’s a place to gather. I think it's really important to have a home base because I also travel a lot for my work so, finding coziness or finding style and overall just finding things that mean a lot to me in the home is important.

2 | Who chose the furniture?

Adam and I both chose the furniture, it’s a collection of vintage and handmade. All of it are things that we love.
We have many friends who are designers, and some of our furniture comes from them. Sometimes it also comes from a free pile, or we hand make things ourselves to fit the perfect spot. I believe in quality and good design. It always makes the home feel more special.

3 | Any works of art at home?

I've always been a collector of art and I enjoy buying pieces that I love. I've never been the kind of person that has to buy something just because its famous or fancy. I have a few pieces of art from local artists that I really admire and also a lot of art from trades. As an artist myself, I’ve been able to swap pieces from designers and artists from around the world. I really love filling my home with art that makes me feel good.

4 | Where do you get your best ideas?

4 | Where do you get your best ideas?

I recently started a meditation practice and I find that my best ideas come from the spaciousness that's being created throughout that practice. I’m still very new to it, but I'm really busy in my life, like so many people are, and I often find that there is so much input that I don’t really know how to sift through or find the really beautiful gems of ideas. So, really taking time to slow down and take deep breaths, has really helped me curate ideas because I have so many all the time every day.

I really love the texture of textile and I used to be a fashion designer so I sort of brought that work into my creative life now, from doing interiors to large-scale macramé installations.

5 | Open Space or separate rooms?

Our house is a 1906 craftsman and originally it was divided into three rooms and now it’s a big open space. And I really like the spaciousness that I have in my home. I like the breath that moves through and the ability to kind of see through the space and create flow and energy.

6 | Is your house a shelter or a place for sharing?

My home is a place to share. I love sharing it with friends and inviting people over for dinner parties and gatherings. My fiancé and I really love having people over. We also love sharing it with each other and our animals but also having quiet nights at home because I travel so much. So, it does become kind of like an oasis because after being on the road -and I love being on the road- I cherish coming home to quiet space that is clean, beautifully designed, and thoughtful. We really take a lot of inspiration from travel but really, it's all about what we bring home.

7 | Design and fashion, similarities and differences

I used to be fashion designer and it's cool to sort of see the path my own personal creativity has taken from designing clothes to now designing homes and interior spaces and I think there is a lot of crossover between design and fashion. You see textiles that are similar like velvet on the runway and you also see velvet in furniture. You see embroidery or you see embellishment in home decor and then you see it also in fashion. So, I think sometimes it takes a little awhile but in the end they all inspire each other. You know there are vintage garments that are inspired textiles for home design, wallpaper, or these trends which are the trends of fashion and design. I think that they align and they go together.

I used to be fashion designer and it's cool to sort of see the path my own personal creativity has taken from designing clothes to now designing homes and interior spaces and I think there is a lot of crossover between design and fashion.

8 | Bath tub or shower?

Bathtub. 100%

 9 | Home cooking or restaurant?

9 | Home cooking or restaurant?

I love cooking at home because I love coming up with recipes and just playing with food and creating beautiful really healthy food. But I also really like going out to eat. I think if I were to choose cooking at home for myself or going out, it would just depend on my mood. I love cooking for people and having them over to create meals together to eat, drink, and celebrate even if it's just celebrating the every day.

10 | Where would you like to live?

It's so hard to choose, there's so many amazing places to live. But my partner and I fantasize about opening a hotel in Bali so I think if I could live anywhere, that would be at the top of my list although the list is long.

Products on stage

Portland city guide

Proud Mary | Coffee shop
2012 NE Alberta Street, Portland

I really like going to Proud Mary because the atmosphere is really beautiful and inspiring. It's an Australian company and they recently opened up their Portland location. I love going there to meet friends for brunch or for meetings. They make amazing coffee and really beautiful thoughtful food. I think that people should go to Proud Mary and check it out because the design is really inspiring. The people are really nice as well and all have Australian accents.

Spartan Shop | Design and home goods
1210 SE Grand Ave, Portland

Spartan shop is one of the most beautiful stores in Portland. It's a very curated home goods store but they have amazing textiles, ceramics, books and jewelry.
I love going there for getting inspired for interior objects so if you're going to buy a gift for someone, it's a really great place to go and find something really special for the home.

Una | Clothing and design shop
922 SE Ankeny St, Portland

Una has been one of the longest standing Portland design clothing stores in my mind. I love going there to find beautiful textures and textiles. The garments are from all over the world and Giovanna who curates the shop has amazing taste and she also has awesome ceramics.
You want to go there for finding something really special for a special occasion or, if you really like to dress a little bit outside of the box, their fashion is really forward and unique.

Emily Katz

Born in Tucson, Arizona in 1982. Currently lives in Portland, Oregon.
Emily Katz is an artist and designer from Portland, Oregon. Her main business is a company called Modern Macrame and she is currently traveling the world teaching macrame workshops, learning about energy healing, art directing and styling photo shoots, hosting dinners and events, collaborating on interior design projects and products.


Creative director Silvia Mella
Photographer Ben Duggan

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